When to send a card

While we know it’s customary to write and send a card for someone’s birthday, sometimes it can be hard to figure out which other occasions call for a handwritten card.

Cards are often kept for many years, and often mean more than the gift attached. Taking the time to write a heartfelt message in a card makes the recipient feel very special. It can help you convey words that you cannot express in person.

Here are some events which prompt a handwritten card as an appropriate gesture:

1. Thank you

A Thank You card is a nice token of appreciation. When someone gives you a gift or helps you out either personally or professionally, it is best to send a handwritten thank you card.

2. Congratulations

A Congratulations card will let the recipient know you’re happy for them! These are sent on multiple occasions such as Engagement, Wedding, Graduation, Retirement, Baby, New Job, Anniversary or New Home.

3. Get Well Soon

If someone is unwell, a Get Well Soon card may lift their spirits! It is nice to receive a heartfelt card and know that someone is thinking about you and hoping you get better soon.

4. I’m Sorry

Sometimes it is difficult to have the courage to apologise about a wrongdoing. The words “I’m Sorry” in a handwritten card is a nice gesture to show you are genuine about your apology.

5. Thinking of You

A Thinking of You card is sent to support a loved one during a difficult time e.g. divorce, death etc. This gesture is to show that they are not facing life alone. Depending on the occasion, words of encouragement are often appreciated in a Thinking of You card.

We have a number of cards in our range that are appropriate for the above events. If you need help finding the right card, please do not hesitate to reach out in the comments below and we will help you find the perfect card for your situation.

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