Jewels Bloom

Laura Staniford is a contemporary Australian artist based in Queensland, Australia. She is the creative artist behind Booie & Ben, and is a trained professional Interior Architect. Her artwork is a reflection of her love of illustration, art and interiors. Laura loves to blend her gorgeous hand drawings with her trained digital art skills to produce something truly unique.

Koala Publishing is excited to collaborate with with Laura Staniford for the majority of this seasons award winning Jewels range.

Jewels is inspired by current trends in homewares, wallpaper prints, soft furnishing and fabrics, resulting in gift wrap, cards and bags that can be mixed and matched for a more personalised look.

Voted number one in the Greeting and Gift Magazine spring 2011, the Jewels Collection(TM) went on to secure the Silver medal for Card of the Year December 2011.

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